Architectural design and research services

KAISA BRONER ARCHITECTURE STUDIO Oy /LTD offers a range of architectural services heedful of cultural values and nature.

Architectural Design and Preservation Projects

Architectural design in various contexts – new construction as well as preservation projects such as restoration, renovation, or alteration of existing buildings or apartments.

Culture-oriented Research and Design

Architectural research and design for projects in a multicultural context or emphasizing cultural identity.

Teaching and Research Projects

Lecturing, teaching and research on specific areas of architecture: history and theory of architecture, Finnish and Japanese architecture, historic preservation and cultural / architectural value assessment.

Historic Milieu Preservation Plans

The historic milieu preservation plan or a ‘preservation atlas' determines the cultural, historical, architectural, and landscape values of an area, analyzes its possible problems, and formulates a proposal for its preservation and enhancement. It is suitable, for example, for the rehabilitation of old manor houses and their surroundings.

Historic Building Reports

Research reports for restoration projects of buildings which are culturally and historically significant. A historic building report covers the history of a building and of its use, evaluates its cultural and historical values, and where appropriate, makes recommendations for future use.

Consultancy Services

Consulting advice to property owners, builders or architects for projects related to the preservation of cultural heritage or the analysis of the values of place and environment.