Kaisa Broner-Bauer has a long international experience of working as an architect, researcher or professor in Finland, France, the United States, Japan, and Germany.

The Academy of Finland has financed several research projects led by Kaisa Broner-Bauer, for instance, “Locality and Continuity – Lifespan of the Built Environment” (Ecological Building Research Programme, 1995-98) and “Process of Change of the Historical Town: Values, Identity and Management of the Forces of Change in Finnish Urban Environment” (Urban Research Programme, 1998-2004). In 1996-2001 she was the Director of the National Doctoral Programme of Architecture financed by the Academy of Finland and the Ministry of Education.

Kaisa has extensive experience in leading and supervising architectural projects, particularly in the fields of historic preservation, related to her teaching activity. She has also taught and supervised Japanese architectural research and design projects.

Examples for student projects for external clients under her supervision at the University of Oulu include the restoration and re-use of the Kankas manor house (Kankaisten kartanolinna) and its surroundings, owned by Åbo Akademi University; the renovation and recycling of the silo designed by Alvar Aalto in Toppila, Oulu, as well as the rehabilitation and alteration of the Raudaskylä Christian College in Ylivieska.

The book Historiallisen miljöön suojeluatlas (“Historic Milieu Preservation Atlas”, University of Oulu, 2010) presents a selection of the “preservation planning” course projects supervised by Kaisa Broner-Bauer. These include, for example, Iin Hamina, Pikisaari, and the riverside of the Oulujoki from Nokkala to Hintta. The course entailed cooperating with the city of Oulu and with several other municipalities in the region such as the Raahe and Kajaani cities.